How can I subscribe
It's very simple! Click on our pricing page and view the package options. Fill in your details and we will contact you to take you through the process.
How will I know how to use the clinic management system
Once you have created an account with UnaPractice, you will receive a one on one training to use the system. We have built it in a simple way to make it as easy as possible for you to manage it. We also have a help manual if you encounter any difficulties. Our customer service are available Sunday- Thursday 9am - 6pm for help if you require.
How can I track my appointments remotely
UnaPractice can be synchronized with your google calendar, you can even check your appointment schedules from your smartphone. UnaPractice also gives you the option to export your schedule with ICal and Outlook
How can I be sure that I will not lose my patient data
UnaPractice provides automatic system backup to all the database. You are also able to export all your patient reports and database into Excel or PDF.
Can I send SMS and Email reminders to my patients before the appointment
UnaPractice allows you to determine the reminder mode you would like to set for each patient when registering. You can also set when you would like your patients to recieve these reminders.